26 Steps to Simplicity: Summer (Top 20 List for Simple Summer Fun)

summer at the lake

I know, we’ve barely stepped into spring, but summer is just around the corner, and if we don’t plan for it now, it will be here and gone before we know it.  Up here in the northern tundra, summer is our chance to cram every outdoor activity and social interaction we possibly can into 12 short weeks of warm weather.  As much as I want to keep things slow and simple, it is difficult to stem the tide of myriad invitations and impromptu get-togethers that come our way.

Although I have reconciled myself to the fact that summer will be busy, I have also made a commitment to savor special moments with my friends and loved ones through simple, free, fun activities that draw us together in wonder and appreciation for God, His creation, and each other.

Here is my Top 20 List for Simple Summer Fun (for all ages):

  1. Catching fireflies
  2. Lighting sparklers (or tiki torches around your back patio)
  3. Attending the 4th of July parade
  4. Swimming at the pool
  5. Hosting a bonfire
  6. Laying out an old blanket for a picnic lunch and storytime in the back yard
  7. Drawing sidewalk chalk pictures (or hopscotch squares)
  8. Reading under (or in) your favorite tree
  9. Hiking or biking the trails
  10. Stargazing
  11. Driving down a country road with the windows down and music blaring
  12. Finding cloud pictures in the sky
  13. Water balloon fights
  14. Dinners on the patio
  15. Going to the beach (which includes: building sandcastles, swimming, walking along the seashore, collecting seashells)
  16. Dozing in a hammock
  17. Visiting (and buying fresh flowers and produce from) the local farmer’s market
  18. Fishing at the local pond or lake
  19. Attending free concerts in the park
  20. Watching (and ooh-ing and ahh-ing at) fireworks with your community

What’s your favorite summer fun activity?

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