8 Ways to Make Money from Home, Part 4

This is the last in a four-part series on making money from home.  If you are just joining us, please head back and read parts one, two, and three.  Today, we are deviating a bit from work “at home” to work outside the home that may accommodate the family schedule.

stack of newspapers7.  Some jobs are kid-friendly, meaning you can do them with your children in tow.  Options like newspaper delivery, school bus driver, and mystery shopper all come to mind.  I have had two, homeschooling friends, who took their children on their bus route, and it was never a problem.  Although these options take you out of the home, they don’t require childcare, which is great.


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8.  Another family-friendly option is working an after-hours shift (that is, after the kids go to bed or the husband gets home to watch them and put them to bed).   I was a second-shift customer service manager at our local grocery store before I was married, and two of my cashiers were pregnant young moms of toddlers.  They  worked from 6-10pm (or 7-11pm) one to two nights per week. If brought in enough for those extra expenses the regular budget doesn’t cover.  There is also waitressing (that can be a little tricky to arrange, though) or working at a department store, like Kohl’s or Target, as a seasonal employee over the holidays or in the evenings.

I know it may seem draining to think of what little energy you already have at the end of the day being sucked up at a job, but  being around other adults, thinking adult thoughts, and doing adult work can be invigorating for some.  It’s almost like having a night off, the experience is so far-removed from the demands of home life.

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9. Here is a bonus for all of you who have stuck with me for this month’s series:  blogging.  From what I have read (and so far experienced), the reality is that making money as a blogger takes time and a LOT of effort, but it can be a lucrative option in the long-run.  Since I am a relative newcomer, I won’t assume to have all the answers, but I can suggest some great resources to read, if you are thinking of making money as a blogger.  It is definitely an option where you must consider the cost, and I’m not just talking about money.  Be sure to read Ruth Soukup’s book, How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your SoulHere is a great series from The Humbled Homemaker on how she proceeded to make money blogging. Two more worthwhile resources are Blogelina and Problogger; both have a wealth of information.  I especially like the content on Blogelina’s Facebook page.

I hope that this series has gotten your wheels turning. Do you have any other ideas or suggestions?  What has been your experience- what has/hasn’t worked for you?



2 thoughts on “8 Ways to Make Money from Home, Part 4

  1. I love that you brought out that sometimes you just need to more effort in to get more money. We get caught up in the money now and forget that slow and steady can build the great resources ahead.

    1. “Your way, right away” comes to mind. We have such a fast-food mentality about life in our culture. It is hard for me to appreciate the journey, the perseverance it takes to create something of value. Blogging is definitely teaching me that; it requires both work and faith. I am learning to trust the process with each post I write. It really applies to so much more, though: how I raise my children, how I grow as a wife and friend and follower of Christ.

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