Friday Reflections: A Closer Look at My Life

This week has been a whirlwind!  We celebrated my second son Phinehas’ 10th birthday, barely.  I spent the day before driving the kids to and from his baseball tournament, forty-five minutes from home. On the way back early that afternoon, I could hardly keep my eyes open.  More than once, the lines blurred on the road before me, alerting me to the fact that I was indeed drifting off to sleep.  Making it home safely was a feat of sheer determination; I chalk it up to a small miracle.

emergency room signAlready that tired by one o’clock in the afternoon, I certainly did not expect to spend my evening in the ER with my 3-year old daughter. She entered the house just before dinnertime. Between heaving sobs,  she explained that her brother had kicked a soccer ball at her arm, which she subsequently refused to use at all, shrilly screaming every time we touched it.  Confused at how a soccer ball could inflict serious injury, but concerned at her inability to move her arm, we decided to take her in. After the hell that was x-rays, Mommy (me) climbed onto the hospital bed with Skyler to catch a cat nap at 9pm. It turned out that she had a contusion, or a bruise on her bone (three hours for that diagnosis).  They splinted her arm and ordered a follow-up appointment with her pediatrician the next day.  He confirmed the diagnosis.  Although I am relieved that she was okay, the four hours it took to find out she had a bruise stole all the birthday preparation time I had available.  (By the next day, she was able to use it just fine.)

It was a mad scramble that June 1st afternoon to decorate the house, wrap the gifts, bake the lemon cake, and make the birthday dinner: mac n cheese and hotdogs (all of my kids choose it, year after year).  We managed to pull off a great, simple celebration.  We ended the evening on the couch, where I retold the event of his birth, a tradition for each of my children on their birthday.

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The next big event of the week was the dinner/meeting for my husband’s field hockey team.  On the last day of school, we (well, mostly I) got the house spic-and-span for company, assembled the taco bar ingredients, and prepared for the 16 guests scheduled to arrive at 4:30pm.  I think we ended up with ten, leaving us with a lot of leftovers.  Needless to say, we have been enjoying tacos and some variations the rest of the week.

On Thursday, finally, a sigh of relief.  All scheduled events were checked off the list.  We spent a couple of hours at the park where the kids practiced baseball and played with some friends we met up with, while the other mom and I had some quality girl time, getting to know each other better and grow our friendship.   It’s been an easy-going couple of days, as we prepare to jump into summer together.  I have a couple of writing jobs lined up, a writing camp for kids that I’ll be teaching in two weeks (if anyone signs up), and a daily summer routine to whip into place for my kids (and me) to make our summer the best it can be.  Here is a great article I read about holding summer camp at home. Also, FlyLady has a fun camp for kids to establish routines over the summer.  We did it a couple of summers ago, and the kids had a blast.  I’ll be sharing more about our summer adventures and routines next week.

How was your week?  Any plans for summer fun?

7 thoughts on “Friday Reflections: A Closer Look at My Life

  1. Look at you! Love your writing. SO glad that you are exploring your life, your thoughts, your dreams, your insights into your beautiful life, loves, dreams.


  2. Wow, that sounds like an exhausting week, and you deserve a trophy! Or at least chocolate =) So glad your daughter is okay, and happy birthday to your son!
    We have a busy summer planned…family visiting, then vacation, then home for a few weeks and gone again to visit more family. Then VBS. Then school.

    1. It’s amazing how fast the summer flies by, even when we try to keep it relaxed and under-scheduled. Enjoy the time with your family and have fun on vacation! We have one scheduled at the end of summer; the kids can’t wait;) Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Aw , Laura, thanks. I make it sound more grandiose than it is, and I still need to work on finding balance.

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