How to Survive a Sugar Detox, Day 2

croissant chocolate and coffee

If you are just joining me, you can read about my first day and why I am doing a sugar detox here

I started my day at 5 a.m. and drank a big glass of water while I read my Bible, before heading out to fulfill some mandatory volunteer hours from 6-8:00 a.m. with my son (they are a requirement for playing soccer).  With five other volunteers, we cleaned up our local dump park after the Bodeans’ outdoor concert the night before. Seeing all of the discarded and rained-on food strewn about the park was enough to curb anyone’s appetite.

cedar creek park
Here is the creek that runs alongside our normally beautiful park, where my husband and I were married 15 years ago.

Afterwards, as a reward for our hard work, my son and I headed to “biggest challenge #2” of this sugar detox: Boulangerie du Monde, our local, French bakery.  Oh la la!  Croissants (plain, chocolate, and almond filled), Le Pepitos, Schnecken, fruit turnovers, and more called to me from behind the glass case.  Of course, all of these delightful pastries have sugar, even Croissant au Buerre (a plain croissant), so I settled for a sugar-free whole wheat roll with a 1 oz jar of sugar-free jam and a bottle of water.

son eating le pepito
Here is my son enjoying his Pepito (a chocolate-chip studded flaky pastry).

Around 10 a.m., I ate two scrambled eggs, and for lunch, I had a few apple slices with peanut butter and -again- organic corn tortillas with my homemade salsa (these have been a life saver!) By this time, I was suffering from fatigue and a headache, so I laid down for a nap.  It only took three times, drifting off and being startled awake by my boisterous children (ramming into my locked door, then shouting “Marco!” “Polo!” in the next room), before I finally fell asleep uninterrupted for an hour.  While I slept, I had two dreams: 1) Me, screaming and crying hysterically at my children and husband and throwing myself onto my bed in despair, and 2) Me, repeatedly taking bites or spoonfuls of desserts, then realizing with horror that I had sabotaged my sugar detox.

I don’t think any interpretation is needed.

Accountability Check

I awoke, a little unsettled, but mostly refreshed.  I drank water and had a handful of raw almonds and a few grapes while I prepared dinner.  For me, that meant leftover chicken and vegetables with a baked potato, and salad with balsamic vinegar/olive oil dressing (the rest of the family had baked chicken legs for the main entree).  After dinner, I took a brisk walk to the gym where I weighed myself.  I anticipate that I should lose some weight during this detox.  For the sake of accountability, here are my stats, as of day two:

Weight: 143 lbs. (with tennis shoes on; I will weigh myself with the same type of outfit throughout for consistency)

Natural Waist: 31″ (this is about 2″ above the navel)

Regular(?) Waist: 36.5″ (this is about 1″ below the navel)

Hips: 39″

I was dismayed to find how much weight and how many inches I had gained over the past several months.  (Sigh.)  I definitely have my work cut out for me.

Two hours after dinner, I was famished, but I waited to eat until 9:00pm, when I had my craving-saver: peanut butter and banana on sprouted seven-grain toast, along with a handful of grapes.  I went to bed satiated and feeling better than I expected.  Am I doing something wrong? I keep wondering, feeling almost relieved at the onset of headaches or hunger pains.

Day 2 is complete! Tomorrow I face “The Church Picnic.”  Pray for me!

How do you resist temptation when eating out?


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    1. That was such a relief- no desserts this year. It was easy to say no to a frozen cup of ice cream. A table worth of cookies and cake- I’m not so sure about that.

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