On Being Resolute and Writing a Book in 2016

This year I am writing a book.  There, I’ve said it.  After taking a few months(?!) off from blogging and intermittent breaks from my greatest distraction in life (Facebook), I have found my desire to write is stronger than ever.  To think I have dreamed of becoming a published author for thirty years but not achieved it yet is confounding to me. This year, I aim to change that, once and for all.

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

I have been writing nearly every day- a bit of fiction here and personal reflection there.  I have written the forward for my intended book, as well as an outline of its contents.  The funny thing is, I don’t know which product will prevail at the end of the year.  My goal is to write a non-fiction, devotional/journal I imagined last summer, but there is this other book vying for my attention, too.  It is a fiction piece I began six years ago which continues to resurface in my mind and writing.  I have finally given it my attention again, and I am really enjoying where it is going.

My heart is torn between the two, so I have decided to allow myself the freedom to write both, as I am inspired to do so.  I do worry that my lack of focus will deter my progress and keep me from accomplishing my goal, but I also think that one of them will pull ahead at some point, commanding my full attention.  Whatever happens, one will be ready for release in December, so help me God (literally).


Recently, when I have pulled up this empty blog screen, my mind has gone equally blank.  It’s been so long since I’ve posted regularly here that I agonized over how to begin again.  What should I write about?  How can I re-engage with my readers?  This morning, I realized that letting you share in my dreams and aspirations for this year is the best way I can re-connect with you right now.  Writing a book, whether fiction or non-fiction, is a crazy, big, seemingly impossible feat.  I can’t look at the whole of it at once, because I get completely overwhelmed.  I am just taking one day at a time, jotting down words, hoping they find a place in the finished product.

I expect I will be writing more about the writing process here as the year unfolds, along with thoughts about my book’s theme of simple living (living in freedom from the clutter within and around us).  I will definitely be living that journey as I write about it!

Resolution Reboot

For those whose New Year’s Resolutions are already defunct, let me encourage you not to give up.  I wrote nothing for my book in January, although I was writing frequently.  I also made a resolution not to have any library fines this year after our family paid at least $150 in fines and damage fees last year ($100 had to do with seven books left out in the rain one night).  After forking over another $15 dollars in January (for a lost book and leftover fines from December), I had to reset my resolution for February.  So far, so good:)

The point is, there is no shame in beginning again. There are no hard and fast rules for resolutions, except to be resolute about them.  To be resolute is to be “firmly resolved or determined; set in purpose or opinion,” “marked by firm determination,” “bold, steady.”  Therefore, I boldly declare here that I am determined to have a book ready to place in your hands (or at least your Kindle) by December 15th.  Now, to be steady in the pursuit of that goal until it is accomplished- that is the real challenge, isn’t it?

What are you going to be resolute about this week, month, or year?  Be sure to share it in the comments and then pursue it with passion!

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