Saturday Minimalist Mission: Bedroom Closet Cupboards

simple bedroomThey must have been calling out to me in my sleep, all of those unwanted and unused linens hovering over my closet, because when I woke up this morning, my foremost goal for the day was to clear out my bedroom closet cupboards.

First, I cleared out everything from the cupboard space:  sleeping bags, sheet sets, comforters, toys (I hide the especially annoying offenders up there), and other linen-related items.  Then, I began to sort.  Can you believe that I had four, queen size comforters up there?  There is one queen size bed in our home- mine- and it has a quilt on it. Two of the comforters are now bagged to go, one I am trying to sell, along with a set of matching flannel sheets (neither of which match any of our decor anymore), and the fourth I re-homed.

Then, there were the last of the baby blankets, just three, but my very tall four-year old has definitely outgrown them, even if she is still in a toddler bed.  I bagged them up, along with a couple of crib sheets used since my firstborn was a baby (12 years ago).  (Insert tear drop here.)

Oh, and how about those super cool, campy red plaid, musty-smelling, full-size flannel sheets we have no bed for?  Animal shelter.  I also included in that bag some ugly 50×60 blankets I picked up at a rummage sale years ago and a big, soft, full-size blanket that has no home. Here’s the pile of things to go:

giveaway linens

I still have too many queen size sheet sets (five), but I can’t decide which ones to part with yet, and I’m okay with that . . . for now.  The girls have one flannel set and two cotton sets of sheets, two blankets, and one comforter each. I stored all of the sleeping bags back up in the far corner of the cupboard, even though we rarely have need of them, along with a huge woven wool blanket that comes in handy, and a spare queen size blanket.  And that’s it.

I wish I had taken before pictures, because it was a crowded mess, but here’s what it looks like now.

closet cupboard 1 20150905_172526

Then, it was on to the boys’ room.  Same drill.  We had some seriously worn out twin size sheets up there that I finally parted with.  We also had a total of six comforters- for three boys!  I don’t know what it is with us and comforters;)  I asked each boy which one he liked best, even though it meant a lack of uniformity in the room decor.  My eight-year old insisted on keeping the deflated Star Wars comforter I bought secondhand this spring, so I am keeping a spare comforter for when he finally agrees to part with it, but the other two are on the sale docket, as they are still in excellent condition.

It’s harder to see in their closet because of the lighting, but they each have a flannel and summer set of sheets, two blankets, and one comforter each (with a spare mattress protector, two extra pillow cases, and the spare comforter). I stuffed their sheet sets into the pillowcases, which never looks as nice for me as it does in the magazines, but at least their easy to grab.

boys closet cupboard 1 20150905_172630

We do need a second cotton sheet for each of them (none of my boys actually like flat sheets, which is so weird to me), so we are on the hunt for those and some new pillows.  Sometimes, getting rid of old things means you need to buy new things to replace them, and that’s okay, too- as long as it is truly a need.

For some people, that second set of sheets isn’t a necessity, but often, when I have the boys strip their beds on a Saturday, I am unable to get all of their bedding washed in time for bed that evening.  Or, they get sick, and that second set comes in handy.

I can’t believe how much I discarded today, so much unnecessary, unused, or unappealing excess.  Now, we have what we need, I can retrieve it easily, and there is so much empty space left.  I plan to keep it that way:)

Do you have extra blankets, sheets, COMFORTERS that could bless someone else?



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