God’s Covenant and Call for Our Lives

This morning, I had a rich experience of worship that began at the gym as I read a chapter from R.C. Sproul’s book, The Promises of God: Discovering the One Who Keeps His Word, while walking on the treadmill.  He spoke of the covenant of redemption agreed upon by the Trinity before the world came into existence and of Jesus’ active and passive obedience in fulfilling that covenant.  Here is an excerpt:

We believe there was a covenant made among the persons of the Godhead (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) prior to creation. We often say that in the economy of redemption, the Father sends the Son into the world to redeem His people; the Son accomplishes that redemption by His work of obedience; and the Holy Spirit then applies the work of Christ to the people of God.  The Spirit illumines the Word of God for us, regenerates our spirit to new life, draws us to the Son, and reconciles us to the Father.  Thus, in biblical categories, redemption is a Trinitarian work from beginning to end.


I followed up my time at the gym with my weekly Sunday worship attendance.  We had a guest speaker, Marcelo the Bible Smuggler, whom I have been eager to hear.  His story is featured in the first two episodes of The Brinkman Adventures, Season 3. The Brinkman Adventures is an audio drama series of modern-day missionary stories for kids; I HIGHLY recommend getting your hands on them here).

brinkman adventures, season 3

With Luke 1:37 as his text, Marcelo proceeded to share inspiring instances of God doing the impossible on his daring adventures, smuggling bibles into closed countries.  He ended by asking, “Do you read your bible?”

In our country, bibles are a dime a dozen.  Marcelo marveled that we can purchase a bible at the local Walmart.  The convenience of God’s Word can make us indifferent to its life-changing power.  The very words and life of God hide on our bookshelves or under our stack of bedtime reading, gathering dust, while people around the world are willing to face death just to hold a copy of this life-saving gift in their hands. People like Marcelo are willing to face years of imprisonment to make sure those same people have access to this God of the impossible that Marcelo places his faith and his fate in the hands of each time he carries hundreds of bibles undetected into their unbelieving countries.

boy contemplating

Will we remain complacent to the call of God on our lives?  Will we crave comfort over obedience?  How can we know His voice when we do not read His word?  What has God been whispering to your heart? How is He asking you to serve Him?  It may be something small; do it.  It may be something impossible; step out in faith, believing God is able to do it through you. “He who called you is able.”

guy jumping over rocks

I am pondering the truth of God’s covenant promises and His call for me.  I am convicted by my complacency about reading His precious Word.  I am thankful that He is faithful when I am not, and I am excited to know, love, and serve Him more.  How about you?


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