Why Is It So Hard to Say No?

Last fall, I wrote a post entitled Why I Said No to Organized Sports.  It seemed like such an easy choice then, taking my older boys out of their secondary sports to free up our schedule for their younger siblings to play soccer.  After my son’s Crohn’s diagnosis in December, we made the more difficult decision to pull him off the travel team for baseball, his primary sport, in favor of having more family time and to monitor his condition.[Read more]

Why I Said No to Organized Sports

Fall is here, and with it brings a whole host of opportunities to sign up, join up, start up. Only, the more we say yes, the further down we slide into lives filled with excess.  On this journey toward less stuff and more life, I realized that one thing we had more than enough of with five kids was organized sports. Over the past five years, we have allowed our older boys, ages 10 and 12, to participate in baseball,[Read more]

Friday Reflections: Letting Go and Letting Grow

When I’m not blogging (and I haven’t been at all this week), life is happening.  Here’s a week’s worth of what’s been going on in my world. This week has been a respite from the emotional chaos that was last week. We kicked off the holiday weekend with our annual attendance at the Cedarburg 4th of July Parade, followed by a fantastic time with Dave’s family at his cousin’s house, another annual tradition.  Only, this year, we stayed for the[Read more]