Blogging from A to Z Challenge

26 Steps to Simplicity My theme for this challenge is 26 Steps to Simplicity.  As we go through the month, I will be writing- in alphabetical order- about both the qualities of simplicity and some action steps to achieve simplicity in your life.  These posts will (hopefully) be briefer than normal, so take the time to check in each day. Be sure to sign up to receive each post via email, and you will also receive a free pdf “5[Read more]

Simplifying in September

I know it seems crazy, with all the back to school, season-changing madness, that I would pick September to write a series on simplifying our lives, but . . .  Imagine achieving a peaceful, uncluttered, happy home now before we make a futile attempt to slow down and scale back at the holidays. Imagine saying no to Black Friday and the excessive, budget-busting gift-buying and the stress of trying to juggle a million holiday party invitations and family commitments. Imagine[Read more]