26 Steps to Simplicity: Intention

paul kowalskiThe word intention gets a bad rap, especially when paired with “good.”  It implies that you mean well, but do nothing.  I fall into that description more often than I’d like to admit.

However, to live with intention, to be intent upon something, implies focus and determination, and it is a key element to achieving a life of simplicity.  When we are focused on attaining the life we truly want to live, we take the steps necessary to get there.  If we want to live in a home that is easy to maintain and open for hospitality, we will be intent upon getting the clutter out and streamlining our housekeeping routines.

If our intention is to live simply, to slow down, to focus on people rather than projects or performance, we will edit our calendars of the busyness, the superfluous, and the deterrents.  We will create margin in our days for quiet and block out white space on our calendars for fun and family time.

Perhaps, you are intent on overcoming an obstacle in your life.  It could be an illness, a sport, a relationship, a behavior.  You push hard through the pain, train your body for health and excellence, release the baggage of the past, find positive alternatives.

Last year, I wrote an article about our friend Paul Kowalski who, at 60 years old, was intent on running the Boston Marathon for the first time, even though he was undergoing chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  You can read his inspiring story here.  This weekend, he is heading back to Boston to race once more- this time, cancer-free.

Are you living with “good intentions” or with intention?  What will you do today to achieve the life you really want?

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9 thoughts on “26 Steps to Simplicity: Intention

    1. Yes, me too. After the constancy of the A to Z Challenge, though, I purposely took a break, only now I am finding it difficult to rev up my writing again. I find that I am not sure where my intention should lie at this time. Just keep writing, right? 🙂

  1. I would say I live with both. I live with intention but I also live with good intentions. I’m a horrible procrastinator so I often have good intentions (of cleaning out the garage or reorganizing my closet) but somehow never quite do it. 🙂

    Love your post. Living with intention is paramount to having a wonderfully successful life!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  2. You hit it on the nail again girl! Thanks for that inspiring word. Today I will live with intention! And tomorrow, and the next…oh Lord this is my prayer; may Your will be done as you teach me to number my days.

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