26 Steps to Simplicity: No

happy lady in field

Learning to say “no” is integral to the joyfully simple life.  We feel compelled to say “yes” by the fear of mising out (FOMO).  It holds us captive to our phones, as we scroll insatiably through our social media channels.  It sends us out to every social activity we’re invited to.  It keeps us spellbound in front of our TVs.  It demands that we fulfill every request and commitment thrown our way.

As a result, our calendars are covered with multi-colored inks and highlighters, with no white space to spare.  Our homes become a dumping round as we fly in and out from one engagement to the next.  We sacrifice sleep for sensationalism and replace foods that fuel with fast food.

We feel stressed out, exhausted, angry, taken advantage of, and lost in our own lives.  When we say “yes” to everything, we are saying “no” to that which is most important to us.

It’s time to say “no”- to reclaim our lives for the pursuit of that which is both essential and life-giving. What will you say “no” to this week in order to say “yes” to the life you’ve been uniquely created for?


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