A Writer’s Manifesto On Living with Passion and Purpose

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I’m tired of seeing people live halfheartedly, without purpose or passion (myself included). It is too easy in our Western, consumer-driven society to cover our lack of meaningful living with the pursuit of more things. Shopping, eating, sex, TV, social media- we gorge ourselves on superficial excess and then fall into desperation from our meaningless existence.  All of that striving and buying and hooking up (to people or technology) just leads to more of the same until we finally stop and take a hard look at ourselves and what we are doing with this gift we have been given, called Life.

“This life is not a dress rehearsal.”  We only get one chance to make our lives count, and we have no guarantee of tomorrow.  Why are you here?  What have you been uniquely designed to do, to accomplish, to pursue, to give the world?  How can you stop serving yourself and begin serving others?  You are not a mistake; your life is not an accident.  While you were still in your mother’s womb, God knew your unformed parts.  He has a plan for you.  The question is:  Are you going to walk in it?

If you are ready to stop wandering aimlessly through your life, to care for yourself and others, to pursue life with passion, to get rid of the dross that coats your everyday existence and shine brightly in this world, then welcome to Whispers of Worth.  I write here to help people get real about where they are in life and to make the changes necessary to live simply with joy and purpose.

Simplicity is a key theme because, when you strip away all of the extraneous aspects of your existence (the clutter that fills your mind, heart, and home), you will find that you don’t need very much to live your life to its fullest potential.  When your mind is clear and focused, when your heart is free to love, when the space you inhabit holds only what you need and find beautiful and meaningful, it is so much easier to see the path and to walk in it.  Not easy- life is never easy- but it is definitely worth living and living well.

So, stop living a life of “quiet desperation” and get loud.  Laugh raucously, love recklessly, and launch un-reservedly into the life you were called to live.  Begin today by identifying one thing– in your schedule, your home, or your relationships- that is holding you back.  Determine how you will extricate it from your life and replace it with something that gets you closer to the life you were designed to live. You are worth it!

*This is the first in a 7-Day Bloggers Challenge being hosted by Jeff Goins.  Today, we were asked to write a manifesto:)  Want to jump in?  Head here:  http://goinswriter.com/blog-pro/


6 thoughts on “A Writer’s Manifesto On Living with Passion and Purpose

    1. Thank you, Laurie! That was a great challenge; it really helped me define what I want to accomplish with my blog. Looking forward to visiting your blog, too:)

    1. Thanks, Haley! It was definitely a leap of faith hitting publish on this one; I appreciate the feedback!

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