Friday Reflections: A Closer Look at My Life

When I’m not blogging, life is happening.  Here’s some of what’s been going on in my world this week:

Ants:  They’re here, and the insect barrier spray that the lady at the hardware store recommended is NOT working.  That said, I finally found two ant traps I saved from last year, and now the ants have multiplied!  Ugh.  Can I just say that I have no remorse killing off insects that have made their way into my home?  “This is my home; your home is outside.  You are an intruder, and you must die.”

(image credit:
(image credit:

My children keep catching the ants and carefully carrying them outside.  My six-year old daughter said, “They’re part of God’s creation; we’re not supposed to kill them, are we?”  But, I remain steadfast in my resolve, killing them mercilessly . . . until tonight.

I acted automatically before letting the scene penetrate my emotional barrier. Only after the deed was done did the mourning commence.  You see, I killed an ant that was carrying his dead or wounded friend across my kitchen floor, like a valiant soldier in combat carrying his injured friend to safety. I still regret my heartless act, although I can’t see that there was any other solution.  These ant traps better do their job and quick, before I turn soft.

I don’t suppose there’s any chance of that, though.  Even as a little girl, I remember maiming ants on purpose so that I could fix their little legs and make them better again.  Disturbing, I know.

Books:  I am also mourning the loss of a wonderful book that I finished two days ago.  I read it while walking on the treadmill this week. I feel pretty pathetic about not running, considering some of the people who are running around me (like the heavily pregnant woman who faithfully hits the treadmill before 6:00am every morning), but, apart from a random 1-2 minute jog, I prefer a brisk walk.  Reading a chapter each morning inspired me to head home each day and implement that day’s assignment.

"Two Women Having Tea" painting by Frank Desch
“Two Women Having Tea” painting by Frank Desch

Written like an old friend visiting over a cup of tea (I’m not a coffee drinker, unless there is a substantial amount of cream and sweetener involved; chocolate mochas and caramel lattes for me, please), this book was so relate-able and relational that I feel lost without it to greet me each morning.  Crystal Paine (aka MoneySavingMom) really must write another book immediately.
Say Goodbye to Survival Mode met me right where I’m at, dealing with identifying my priorities, setting goals, managing my finances, and creating margin in my day.  I am working through her assignments to figure out what is truly, essentially important and to establish both large-scale and bite-size goals to make those corresponding priorities a part of my daily routines.

Friendship:  Speaking of old friends, friendship has been a recurring theme throughout the past week.  I wrote a post about it; then it seemed that everywhere I looked, people were writing about how to be a more intentional friend.  There was Ann Voskamp’s heart-rending article about losing a dear, life-long friend to neglect; Laura from Overstuffed wrote about writing personal thank you notes to friends who pour into our lives; Maria Garcia from Get Organized Now! wrote a similar post about treasuring a busy friend who dedicated hours to help her with a project.

Painting by Marguerite Pearson

Inspired and convicted by the Holy Spirit, I took action this week and wrote a long-overdue letter to my second oldest, and very dear friend, whom I have neglected to cherish over these past few busy years of child-raising.  I am praying that she will welcome me back into her life, and that we can resume the friendship that has always been a blessing and comfort to me and is so rich with history and understanding.

Self-discovery:  This blogging business is hard, time-consuming work.  It’s more than just jotting down a few hundred words in twenty minutes, I’ve found. There’s a lot of searching for the right images, reading and commenting on other posts, networking through social media sites, refining my site, and then the actual writing, revising, and finally hitting publish on my content.  I am learning that I need to set more goals and boundaries with my writing pursuits in order to keep my life in balance.

However, I have also gained some great insights into myself this past week that I think will help me with that refining process.  I listened to the podcast from the School of Greatness’ interview with Sally Hogshead.  I took her fascination test and found out that I am The Talent, a combination of passion and prestige.  As I read her synopsis and listened to her brief video overview, I realized that I have been treating my natural strengths as handicaps to overcome.  My expressiveness and emotional connectedness and desire for perfection (in myself and others- I think this may come as a surprise to my husband based on what our house looks like;)) are all things to promote and utilize to draw people’s fascination toward me.

The concept is a bit self-centered and needs to be tempered with Scripture, but I gathered greater insight and appreciation for who I am created to be.  We are all unique individuals with particular talents and abilities and personalities; we need to offer them to God and others for His glory.  To listen to the podcast and take the fascination test (it’s free with the code on the link and takes less than 10 minutes to complete), visit here.Forgiveness:  Finally, I am working through the last chapter of homework from my women’s bible study, which ended two weeks ago.  The chapter is on forgiveness, and after watching the video, I knew I had some soul-searching to do.  If you are looking for a bible study for the fall, I highly recommend Margaret Feinberg’s Wonderstruck.  The theme is finding the wonder of God in our everyday life and allowing it to change how we perceive and live this life.  It has the most visually stunning videos (some of the places she takes us brought tears to my eyes, they were so beautiful) and a well-written study guide, with thoughtful questions and practical applications.  As for forgiveness itself, I will be writing more in future posts:)

How was your week?  Any great reads or discoveries in your life?

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